U-N-I-T-Y. U. N. I. T. Y.

What is that?

That’s a unity.

Who you callin’ a b*tch?

As America’s largest recognized minority group (and recipients of questionable road-side litigation), solidarity has always been our greatest asset in efforts against social, political and recreational injustice. “The people is paramount.” That’s not a famous quote. Its just some profound sh*t I just made up…but we should start using it. Anyway, from Marcus Garvey’s UNIA-ACL to BSU Programs…and even that part in House Party 2, when Dana “Zora” Owens rallied the school in support of an Ethnic Studies program, evidence of our unification has always proven itself a bad mamma jamma. Sadly though, in this “post-racial” era, it would seem as if our most combative weapon has been holstered.

But, we still our brothers keepers. Here’s some ways you can assist in the keepage of your brother (and sister too):

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Man, Im so glad we made it passed that whole “getting to know you” stage. That was awkward, huh? Palms sweaty. Knuckles ashy. You staring at me. Me staring at you…trying not to get caught staring at other readers…booty’s. *whew* Glad thats over. Now I feel like I can really share with you. Because sharing is caring. And caring is contagious. Much like the stanky leg. Anyway, before we go any further, I think its important that you know this…Im black y’all.

I’m black y’all.

I’m blackitty black and I’m black y’all.

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