I’d be lying if I told you as a child, Reading Rainbow was my favorite television program…because it wasnt. Reading Rainbow was for the fat kid in dodgeball. Frankly, I wasnt concerned with anything that didn’t involve a dog playing piano, a bear that told bad  jokes , or a blonde, pig-tailed little girl who I suspected to be racist cause she never gave Grover any play. Everything I did, watched, said, or wanted to be revolved around muppets and muppet-like activity. Reading Rainbow only managed to pull my attention because it was the show before Sesame Street…and I didnt want to miss Super Grovers newest exploits!

It wasnt until I reached the sixth grade this show became relevant…

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Man, Im so glad we made it passed that whole “getting to know you” stage. That was awkward, huh? Palms sweaty. Knuckles ashy. You staring at me. Me staring at you…trying not to get caught staring at other readers…booty’s. *whew* Glad thats over. Now I feel like I can really share with you. Because sharing is caring. And caring is contagious. Much like the stanky leg. Anyway, before we go any further, I think its important that you know this…Im black y’all.

I’m black y’all.

I’m blackitty black and I’m black y’all.

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