What did Five Fingers say to the face?

” You know who they shoulda hologrammed? My nigga ‘D’….Deez Nuts! SLAP!!!”

Five Fingers is a terrible conversationalist.

Speaking of nuts,  Hologram Tupac got the innanets going ’em. And since I’m to assume that by now, everybody reading this post has already  watched the video (and probly retweetbookedagrammed every subsequent meme ) I don’t feel compelled to post any links to it here. But…you know what you do when you assume, right?

Me either.

I do know this tho, grab your glocks when you see Tupac….or at least when you see his fans, cause they cray. Not surprisingly. Just annoyingly. I’ve seen responses to  the Hologram Based God  be everywhere from It’s the resurrection of the Thug Prophet, sent to Earth to reclaim the juice and ride on these fake ass skinny jean  wearin niggaz. Riverside, mothafukka! – to- It’s the first step to a bionuclearscientifical i-robot fibble-dee-fabble, leading to a complete human eradication. Science. Again, not surprisingly. Just annoyingly.

Personally, I think robots are awesome, and all the divine appellations assigned to Pac are a bit unrealistic. A prophet? Revolutionary? Messiah? My balls, nigga. Don’t get me wrong, he definitely played a significant role in A Different World hip hop and pop culture as a whole, but…c’mon son!  Plus, I’m a little biased. I’m from the east coast. And so was Pac. #whatsbeef

Regardless any opinions on the man, one thing is for damn sure….Hologram Tupac is the bougiest nigga on the Earth!

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