I like bagels.

Do you like bagels?

You know who loves bagels?

White women with miscegenated babies.

Actually, that may not be true at all. I cant say with certitude (no Wiener) that all white women with miscegenated babies really loves bagels…I was just at a loss for a casual and sagacious introduction to this post.


(yeah, I like doing that now.)

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Friends, Romans, Crackas…Crenshaw! It. Is. Time! Let us now pop bottles and commence the champagneonnabitch pouring. Why? Cause we didnt land on Plymouth Rock…Plymouth Rock jumped on Reruns back and followed the Whats Happenin’ truck all the way here and landed on us! Where’s here? BOKTOWN, MOTHAF#@&A! Soulclap.

My sincerest apologies if I may have offended any with that superfluous obscenity. I dont really talk like that. I’m just excited. And youre excited too. You know what happens when two grown people get excited?

Blog sex.

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