About The P’s

Haji P. (@hajipaji)

As a former writer for the popular animated hit, The Cleveland Show, I couldn’t be more thankful for the  good fortune my talents have provided me (I’ve also been lucky enough to have written for the movie, Black Dynamite, and work directly under the tutelage of Paul Mooney). However, after  serving with The Cleveland Show for the last two seasons, and at a relatively young age, I decided a focus on my continued education would prove considerably more valuable. This lead me to receive additional degrees in both Urban Etymology and Classic Chilean Literature from Stanford University. Though not without pitfall, I lamented heavily when last year, a battle with prescription meds cost me my home, career,  and all custody of my daughter. Since recently completing a rehab program, I’ve made it a point to speak out against addictive behaviors (from narcotics to trichotillomania). With such a rapidly moving roller coaster of experience, I thought about channeling my  energy through hiphop, but really….who wants to be a rapper these days? No thanks. This blog is my attempt at regaining a sense of positive light,  joviality, and immersion back into the field of writing. I hope you enjoy.  Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim.



Dylly P.  (@DyllyP)