If you don’t know Marcella Arguello, then it’s abundantly clear that you dont beez in the trap. Which is Modesto. Which is okay, because I’ve never beezed in the trap either. I hate beez. But I like Marcella. Why? Because she’s like a trillion feet tall and hella funny. Hummina hummina. Seriously tho folks *rimshot* , she’s an incredible comedian, currently based in the Los Angeles area…and if you ever happen to find yourself in the vicinity of her performance…beez in that trap. But until you get there, stay here and get la familiar…


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Doritos Locos Tacos was an awful idea. It’s by far the most abhorrently disrespectful thing to ever become of a decent and God fearing crunchy meat fold. I can only imagine the shame it must feel around it’s more dignified Mexican peers, Chalupa and Gordita. Seriously, if ever there was a reason for the reinstitution of Separate but Equal, let it be now. I’m just not okay with my cheese powdered snack chip integrating with low grade Spanglish con carne.

The point I’m driving at, is sometimes, new is not awesome. This is not one of those times.

In this new feature, Word Booty! I get the opportunity to talk with a variant of cool individuals doing a variant of cool things. People who do cool things are cool. *Beavis Laugh* Anyway, first up, I got to speak with the homie, and fellow boobie enthusiast (or, boobthiast), @NicholsAccomp. In addition, He’s also a member of not-rap group, Thug Friends, and writer of dextrous innanet web-log, Absolute-ism.com.

Why “Word Booty!?”


Why Doritos Locos Tacos?

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