About BFC


Many would argue that Blackfacechicken is the least popular of all creatures to emerge from Greek mythology. An argument which, from inception, would seem vacuous and absurd because…well…aint sh*t Greek about a Blackfacechicken. Some say, the fantastical fowl was birthed via the brazen wtf-ness of minstrelsy. Stating that it was the bedamned  hatchling of  Cotton and Chick Watts. While, popular folklorists propose that it aint.

Is you is…or is you aint? That has always been the question.

Fact is, while most quibble over its place of origin (yet concur with its Pegasus-like majesty), the legend of its gallantry and undaunted hutzpah remain consistent. Since, presumably, 1828 B.O.* -when its feathered adversary, Jim Crow, began its first shuck and subsequent jive- Blackfacechicken has sought to champion against humanity’s reprehensible displays of Sambonian expression. Bucking felonious deeds such as (but not limited to): buffoonery, racial inequity  and Worldstarhiphop cultural travesty.

Though, physically small and at times bungling, BFC has not been left defenseless in its efforts to combat Worldstarhiphop inexplicable ignorance. With its keen sense of observation, rivaling that of Spider-Mans “Spidey-Sense,”  BFC is able to predict and thwart such activity by  bellowing a forceful and egg-shattering “BOK!”

In heraldry, Blackfacechicken’s cursed amalgamation of Bosco and Poultry gains in uncontested valor and silent humility; also, is likened to other powerful and fierce creatures (such as the Gryphon and stray Dobermans). According to  Jamaican myth, BFC’s talons are believed to have medicinal properties, and one of its feathers could restore sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and rhythm to the white.

Many have sought, but none successful in witnessing, in person, Blackfacechicken…until now.


*= Before Obama