Doritos Locos Tacos was an awful idea. It’s by far the most abhorrently disrespectful thing to ever become of a decent and God fearing crunchy meat fold. I can only imagine the shame it must feel around it’s more dignified Mexican peers, Chalupa and Gordita. Seriously, if ever there was a reason for the reinstitution of Separate but Equal, let it be now. I’m just not okay with my cheese powdered snack chip integrating with low grade Spanglish con carne.

The point I’m driving at, is sometimes, new is not awesome. This is not one of those times.

In this new feature, Word Booty! I get the opportunity to talk with a variant of cool individuals doing a variant of cool things. People who do cool things are cool. *Beavis Laugh* Anyway, first up, I got to speak with the homie, and fellow boobie enthusiast (or, boobthiast), @NicholsAccomp. In addition, He’s also a member of not-rap group, Thug Friends, and writer of dextrous innanet web-log,

Why “Word Booty!?”


Why Doritos Locos Tacos?

On the intro of Thug Friends’ album, “We Are not Rappers…”  you mentioned eating chicken as the dumbest stereotype assigned to niggeros. What stereotype do think is the most accurate?

That black people are lactose-intolerant. I only know like 2 black people that can drink a glass of milk without dying.

How do you react to being the only “you people” in the room?

I grew up in a white neighborhood that was predominantly white, but most of the people my age were black. And in school I was in college prep classes and usually the only black person in the class. I’m a decently intelligent black man in America. I’m use to being the only black person where I go.

Other than Shmorldstarshmipshmop, what do you consider to be some Intolerable Black People Sh*t (#IBPS)?

Nobody hates black people more than black people. That bothers the shit out of me.

What do you consider to be Intolerable White People Sh*t (#IWPS)?

I hate when white people talk like what they think black people talk like around me. That shit is insulting. I use ebonics and all that, but I can understand English. Damn. And I just like people to be themselves around me and all that Dr. Seussy shit.

On the reals, what do you think of racism as a problem?

I think classism is a bigger issue. If you have green, nobody gives a fuck about your color. But I would just work on black people liking black people, to be honest. I haven’t met many racists, and I grew up in the south. I wouldn’t like most people who don’t like me because of my color because, they’re stupid. So, I couldn’t care less how they felt. If we learn to love ourselves again, we’ll be straight.

What is it that really makes boobies so special?

Nobody knows why boobies are so awesome. Which makes them even more awesome-er.

What’s the best way for a girl with pancake booty to find true love with such an unfortunate physical handicap?

Pray. Only God can help her. I sure can’t. Having an ass is as necessary as having two legs or 5 fingers. I couldn’t mess with a chick who didn’t have one.

If you could only look at a boobies from one angle for the rest of your life, which angle of boobies would you choose? Front boob. Side boob. Arial boob. or bottom boob?

Bottom boob.. And bottom booty, while I’m at it. That shit be looking delicious-er then a mug, man.

You think @TiggyKix will let me get that sweater with the ducks on it?

Nope. Hahaah! Not a chance.

Any last words of advice from the Accomp?

Life is short. One day you’ll be dead. Enjoy the hell outta this thing. Every single moment.



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April 13th, 2012

Damn so now I gotta be not usin’ ebonics when I talk to my black friends? that’s some ole embarassing bullshit.

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