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It’s been a long time, I shouldnt’ve left you…

Allow me to reintroduce myself….


(Good intro’s aren’t really my thing.)

Anyhow, we back…. hoe’s.  HYFR! By the way, Jewish Jesus hates Drake. Alliteration, my nigga.

Sorry, Im off topic again.

For those of you who continually checked back, and constantly (to the point of  inexplicable concern) inquired about  new posts, thank you for your patience. Please accept my sincerest apologies for having  to tend to the toils of real life, and doing otherwise awesome and adventurous real nigga shit while you were sitting around trolling the innanets for blogs to read… when you should be out doing some real work or attempting to affect change in your community.

I still love you.

And because I still love you, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you have the most pleasurable reading experience. Starting with dropping that whole “Solebrotha” bullcrap. Cause, let’s be honest, that was corny. My name is Haji P (no relation to Sean, Styles, Von, or Master). I’ve also brought along my homie, Dylly P. You’ll notice a lot of incremental changes actually. So, with that said…continue to keep reading and inquiring,  and I’ll keep telling PETA to let my mink drag on the floor.





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