Okay, before we hop into the thicket of the post, I think it’s important to know that…I’m a gangsta.

And gangstas dont dance…we boogie.

We also tend to respond erratically to what may appear to be some incredibly infinitesimal sh*t that we ignorantly misconstrued for some incredibly monolithic, disrespectful-a**, non-gangsta sh*t.

For example, accusing Spiderman of imparting Jim Crowisms.

It happens.

In my last post, I called Spiderman a bigot. And an a**hole. Repeatedly. Because he made, what I considered, some exceptionally prejudiced remarks towards a darker skinnted deviant.

I apologize Spiderman. You’re an exemplary model of  both valiant arachnid and noble human person in costume. I shouldve recognized from your work with The Electric Company, and advocacy of Juneteenth catfish-fry’s that you had always been down 4 my niggaz.

I’ll continue to wear you on my underwear, and my booty-balls will continue to not be disgusted.

That being said, I still cant ignore the fact that, immediately after reading your comments, my Blacky Senses tingled.

They tingling baby. Go’head baby.

See, despite the innocence of your whimsical diatribe, I couldnt help but to be offended. Why? Because I’m black.

And, unfortunately, as a natural coping method, whenever I’m presented with a situation that favors contrary to my benefit, I can’t help but to think, “Izzitcuzzimblack?”

This mantra allows for me to justify and counterattack anything I deem a larrup to my ethnicity. Which, often times, is anything written, said, or done by anybody who doesn’t require a thorough lotioning ceremony after showering. Unfair? Yes. Self-defeating? Most definitely. Does it work? Like a muhfuggin Mexican with two hammers and a rake! 

Reasons for  implementing  Izzitcuzzimblack are boundless…and I’ve become a veritable swashbuckler with that sh*t! Here’s why…because, sometimes…it really is cuzzimblack.  I’ve had job applications torn up in front of me, rocks hurled in my direction, and fried chicken meals violently thrusted upon me at damn near every popular restaurant this side of the Earthmosphere. And while sometimes using Izzitcuzimblack is a trite excuse for poor personal action, its almost impossible to relinquish that vigil. Not only for the sake of being able to say, ” Ha!I knew it! I knew you crackas hated my porch money a**!” But, to be aware that sh*t aint always sweet. No matter how black the berry…or Lipton the tea your granmama made. 

Anyway, Boktown…whatchoo really wanna know about some gangsta sh*t? Do you think Izzitcuzzimblack is just a cop out, or is it important to recognize  how/why you’re being treated a certain way, so that you can respond actively and appropriately? Have you ever had to use Izzitcuzzimblack, or Izzitcuzzimwhite, or Izzitcuzzimajapanesemuppetwithbadoralhygiene? When? Why? Who stole the cornbread from the cookie jar?



Lilly y. Tass

June 24th, 2011


solebrotha p

June 24th, 2011



June 24th, 2011

To stay on point you gotta keep asking yourself, izitcauseimblack?

Why are they being so nice to me? izitcauseimblack?

Why did he just say I’m cool when he introduced me? izitcauseimblack?

Why this white girl with gold fronts start talking to me? izitcauseimblack?


June 24th, 2011


That happens a lot in my field- no one is immune. It’s like don’t have a position with any sort of power because most others don’t take you on merit alone no matter how hard you try. It still makes me mad and hurts my feelings sometimes but I go on cuz at the end of the pay period I still got a check. And my promotion comes from God alone not the haters who think they own the world.


June 24th, 2011

oh, and why when people meet me do they assume I can dance and I grew up in the projects?



June 26th, 2011

I don’t know what you’re so upset about the fried chicken, sound delicious.

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