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I dont know what it did for you, but for me….Sesame Street did absolutely nothing. Well, not as far as educational progression anyway. As an educator, I’d be remiss if I were to deny my teachers, elders and mom dukes that credit. Them motherfreakers put in work, son! However, what it did do was initiate and solidify my affinity for Jim Henson and his creations…as well as provide a program that positively reflected a multicultural cast of people living in an urban surrounding. I mean, dont get me wrong, it taught a n*gga how to count to twelve and sh*t…but, for me…I was more enamoured with the ability to say, “Yo, that lady outside of Big Bird house looks like my Auntie!” An attribute I think is largely overlooked when imparting praise for the 40 year old television series. Or maybe its not overlooked. I dont know. I dont really read a lot of Sesame Street reviews. Anyhow, Im going to countdown my ten favorite characters. Just cause I think it’d be dope.

10. Oscar The Grouch


Oscar was a phenomenal addition to the neighborhood because he always prevented things from getting too gay (pardon me, “unnecessarily jovial”…which, by definition, still means gay.)


9. Count Von Count


You cant front on the kid, son. The Count was the best dresser, had an illy goatee, and Im pretty sure he slept with Spanish chick that worked for Mr. Hooper.


8. The Two Headed Monster ( Horn and Hardart)

File:Frank N. Stein.jpg

Son, these two were the squire of syllable and the sultan of separating….words. What does that mean? Probably nothing to you….but I remember watching an episode where they sang “Hi De Ho” with Cab Calloway…and that, my friends, was quality entertainment. Plus, Ive always been partial to the blue and purple monsters, cause I assumed they were the black people. The blue ones was the light skinnded n*ggas.


7. Teeny Little Superguy


Granted, TLS wasnt any product of Jim Henson, but I was intrigued all the same. SON WAS A FREAKIN CUP, YO! How amazing is that? He was a cup…and he solved real life problems. He would roll up on you like, “Yo, whats up, lil n*ggas? Yall look like you got a problem? Oh, yall both wanna swing, but theres only one? Check this move out…how ’bout yall just take turns and share that b*tch. Im out. BAM!”


6. Telly Monster


I really liked Telly, but not because he did anything discernibly incredible, more so because I always felt like I had to. Like, if I wasnt going to be his friend, he would somehow know it and fall deeper into a burgundy depression. I didnt want that furry blood on my hands. As time progressed, our relationship grew. I learned to love him for who he was. A misunderstood monster. A misunderstood monster who taught me how to love.


5. Alistair Cookie


Yeah, Cookie Monster was dope, but when he was the host of Monsterpiece Theater, Alistair Cookie, he was refined.


4. Guy Smiley


In addition to being the inordinately optimistic host of a variety of Sesame Street gaming, Guy Smiley was also a weatherman and nature enthusiast. Making him Bob Barker, Al Roker, and Steve Irwin all wrapped up into one well dressed, fuzzy, yellow muppet. I dont know what he’s up to these days…but if he’s not running a car lot, he’s waisting his talents.


3 . Grover


Grover is like the poor kid in the hood that everybody loved because he was indiscriminately cordial…but nobody wanted to sleep over his house cause he might have roaches, and after a while he just got annoying…but the next day, you couldnt wait till he came outside so yall could go to the corner store and get a juice.


2. This Guy

When I tell you this, I mean this with all sincerity…if there is anything that may lead you to believe Im being facetious in this statement, I thoroughly apologize with every occupant beat of my heart….but, no other song, in the history of music, has ever resonated in my head like this. I can not hear the word “Cooperation” without immediately saying “Dig it“….and then replaying the song over in my head throughout the entirety of the day. Its like some straight up Pavlovs dog biz. I cant recall exactly when I first saw this episode, but I can quote, verbatim, this song till this day. The only reason he’s not my favorite Sesame Street character is, he’s not an actual character. He’s an Anything Muppet. Basically, a plush body with replaceable features, used to cast as extras in various scenes. Either way, homeboy still put it down, and for that…he gets the coveted number two spot. Dig it!


1. Roosevelt Franklin


I cant even go into detail about this character, in fear that I’ll project an inaccurate perception of myself, my race or the general good intentions of Sesame Street. I will however provide you this video. If you cant derive from this my affinity for the character…then we’ve clearly never met before.

*please note, that in the opening theme, it states “our alma mama'” …..freakin genius!

Anyhow, Boktown, can you name some of your favorite characters from the show? No, you cant? Oh, you just dont want to because talking about muppets is some weirdo sh*t? Thats cool, I guess. Well, can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?



May 23rd, 2011

Dig it. Can’t even lie. That cooperation joint is kinda hot.

May 23rd, 2011

I can’t name 10 that I like, but I do have a few favorite episodes… namely when ‘En Vogue’ sang on the show!


May 28th, 2011

Yeah, that list is definately legit.

A1 (Jason Ahu NC)

June 4th, 2011

Yes, you and Roosevelt share some common characteristics. I think you taught me the difference between talking soft and talking loud, too. Good list. I like Gordon. When I think of Gordon though, it usually has a picture of him and Maria doin’ the damn thing.

January 30th, 2012

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November 26th, 2017

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